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Why come to San Miguel de Allende?

San Miguel de Allende - Mexico Cooks People have been drawn to San Miguel for centuries. Its beauty, history, and charming colonial atmosphere have all contributed to its popularity. Consistently rated as one of the world's best cities by Forbes and Conde Nast, San Miguel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its architecture, cultural events, art and language schools.

In 1779 Ignacio Allende was born in what was then San Miguel El Grande and grew up to lead the fight for Mexican independence. He was executed by the Spaniards in 1811. Considered a war hero, he was honored in 1921 when Mexico achieved its independence, and San Miguel El Grande became San Miguel de Allende. To this date, it is considered one of the most historically important cities in Mexico.

Surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Madre mountain range, San Miguel is graced with year-round spring-like temperatures. One can expect sunny deep blue skies by day, glorious sunsets, and cool nights.

San Miguel is easily accessible with several international airports within a few hours drive. Querétaro international airport is the closest at roughly one hour's distance, while the most convenient may be León International airport at roughly one and a half hours drive, where there are more daily flights. Mexico City is 4 hours away by bus.

Most people who come to visit San Miguel don't want to leave, and many have chosen to make San Miguel their home. Be prepared to fall in love and feel at home.

   San Miguel de Allende - Mexico Cooks   San Miguel de Allende - Mexico Cooks   

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